The Fanthorpes’ Christmas Saga December 2013

 Fanthorpes' Christmas Saga 2013
Time for another saga to be seen,
Now that we're almost through 2013.
Fiona came near January's end,
Then to BBC Four our way we wend.
Participate: Seventh Dimension show.
Next off to Gloucester we both love to go.
Delicious drinks and food we gladly munch:
It was a most delightful birthday lunch.
Then Weatherspoons -- another lovely meal.
Stephanie's company made it all ideal.
Fiona came to do her six mile run --
Great exercise and charitable fun.
Her time we thought was absolutely great:
Under an hour: just minutes fifty-eight.
Filming in London – the next place we go --
Forbidden History -- the Bruce Burgess Show.
For Mothers' Day delicious lunch we see --
Laid on for us by Moz and Stephanie.
Also in March Fiona came to stay;
To see our girls always lights up our day.
In April at Llandaff, a meal together,
Then round the lake in beautiful spring weather.
We fed the ducks, also the swans and geese –
Then we went home and left the birds in peace.
We played some games together "Rummikub"
Fishing for numbers from a mental tub!
On Amazon we've got some e-books now.
"The Golden Tiger" there makes his first bow.
"The Black Lion's" up as well; and undefeated:
"Zotala Priest" – Derl trilogy's completed.
There's "Garan of the Veneti" as well –
Historical adventure yarn we tell.
"Till Pyramids Decay" another book –
We greatly hope that all of you will look.
"Proverbs and Other Wisdom" please explore it.
Alejandro Frayre has done the pictures for it.
We lectured for the Ghost Club back in May
Then old friend Peter Tyres came to stay.
In June to Cornwall, for King Arthur Dinner,
Wonderful Fellowship – a first class winner.
For Beth and Arfon then to bless their wedding,
Next off to Steph and Moz we soon are heading.
They gave us a great lunch for Father's Day
And then to Liverpool we're on our way.
Riche and Naomi from the USA
They took us for a meal – our thanks we say.
To Steph and Moz again – strawberries for tea
To mark her birthday – tasty we agree.
Our lovely daughters don't do things by half –
Fiona came and took us to Penarth!
In August she gave us a lovely trip
To Portsmouth to inspect a mighty ship,
The Mary Rose, recovered from the sea –
A most inspiring sight we all agree.
Then came a marvellous meal at Longford Inn.
Grandchildren's universities begin.
September seventh, anniversary day,
Our fifty-sixth: for many more we pray.
ASSAP in Bath, A happy time we spent –
It's a great honour to be President.
Eastbourne Museum next to lecture there –
And fascinating history to share.
Patricia's birthday party – big surprise –
Tess and her friends appeared before her eyes.
October sixth, half marathon to run
Fiona came to join in all that fun.
Two hours and eighteen minutes time she set:
If I'd joined in I would be running yet!
Dave and Pat Tucker came: Jumbo GB –
To be their Patron, warmly I agree.
I lectured next SWPR
In Briavel's Castle – that was not too far.
A medieval banquet there was fun:
Plenty of food and drink for everyone.
For Radio Suffolk, spoke on Halloween,
And on BBC Wales I've also been.
A dinner next at the Royal Signals Club –
Great company and most delicious grub.
Conducted Christmas Service at Thornhill.
Zac's twenty-first provides another thrill.
On Boxing Day – still full of turkey roast
I'm booked to give a talk on Coast to Coast.
A merry Christmas and a great New Year –
May all your hearts be full of Christmas cheer.
We send our warmest wishes once again,
Patricia, Lionel and his sister Jane