The Fanthorpes’ Christmas Saga December 2014

When January came, no time to lose,
A radio broadcast done with Howard Hughes.
In February to Gloucester we all go –
A lovely meal for Lionel’s birthday show.
With Iain and Fiona, Steph and Moz
A really lovely birthday treat it was.
Fiona came to Cardiff shortly after
And we played Rummicub with lots of laughter.
Then to the lakeside where we strolled in peace
And fed the ducks, the pigeons, swans and geese.
In March to London to record TV
For programme called “Forbidden History”.
Mysterious topics very few would know.
Bruce Burgess was the power behind the show.
For Mothering Sunday went to celebrate –
Delicious Chinese food upon each plate.
Patricia, Jane and I enjoyed it so –
We’ll order the same things next time we go.
In April our Fiona came to stay
Ran round the lake, then Rummicub we play.
She took us to the Harvester to eat –
A great experience that we must repeat.
Went up to Gloucester next to celebrate
A Silver Wedding which was really great!
Iain and Fiona’s quarter century.
The years fly by as all of us can see.
Our 25th was back in ‘82.
It seems amazing how the years just flew!
In April, Steph and Moz at lunchtime came
We love to share their company – that’s our aim.
In April did a talk on Radio Wales:
Broadcasting as a pleasure never fails.
Then to St David’s Hall to take a part
Commemorating Stan’s great showbiz art.
Stan Stennett – comedy and music man –
And fine straight actor came within his span.
We had a welcome visitor in May:
Our old friend Peter Tyres came to stay.
Fiona took us next to Oxford town:
The Bodleian Library is of great renown.
Established in the year 1602.
I sat and read. The girls went walking through.
Grand-daughter, Katie, we are proud to say,
Studies computers down by Oxford way.
In June I had a spot on “Coast to Coast” –
One of the radio shows I like the most.
Before the month of June had fully gone
Fiona came to run half marathon.
Her car went wrong – but we were very glad
When it was all put right by Emma’s Dad!
Filmed in South Cadbury next, in Somerset,
Arthurian sites that we shall not forget.
For Father’s Day, Fiona came again
And took us for a meal with sister Jane.
Friend Kevin Moore upon the scene appears
And we discussed some new TV ideas.
Another friend from France, Rousseau his name,
We went to meet, when he to Cardiff came.
A great week-end in Croydon, John and Dave
Look after us so well there – it’s a rave!
London with Matt, the Cocos Island show,
Mysterious pirate treasure there, you know.
Paul then invited us to Tonypandy –
Book-signing in his shop was very handy.
Met Katie and Fiona at the Castle
Then Harvester for meal – a tasty parcel!
Next on to Moz and Steph for cakes and tea –
Tina as well to share the company.
To Steph and Moz again – delicious meal
My waistline is expanding I can feel!
At Festival of Arts we go and tarry
At the Blue Deli which is down in Barry.
To London next and filming once again
Programme on Bible Mysteries to explain.
Welsh mysteries films at Tintern and then back
To see Fiona and our grandson Zac.
In Chester he is studying Education –
A most important subject for the nation.
At Miskin Manor next to bless a wedding,
Then with Fiona to the lake we’re heading.
We filled the hungry beaks of duck and swan
Then home again when all the bread was gone.
September seventh -- anniversary date --
With flowers and cards it’s time to celebrate.
Being together is our earthly heaven --
This year is anniversary fifty-seven.
A lovely meal with Moz and Stephanie
Enriched this happy anniversary.
The annual Mensa Dinner was a treat –
Great company and delicious things to eat.
I lectured there and ran a workshop too –
Those are both things I greatly love to do.
October, and Fiona came to stay:
When family is here it makes our day.
Number work next for Taylor Herring friends
Statistical research that never ends.
A radio show across in USA
And then Memorial Service in Cathays.
November, gave a talk at Red Oak Creek –
Exciting venue but quite hard to seek.
Then dinner with our Royal Signals friends.
December comes as years reach their ends.
A radio call again from USA
And looking forward then to Christmas Day.
Our blessings, and best wishes once again,
Patricia, Lionel and his sister Jane