The Fanthorpes’ Christmas Saga December 2016

This was a quieter year than those before 
Heart problems and my rolling years four score.
Retired now not working any more.
But life’s till great behind your own front door!
January 12th Fiona came to stay
To be with Mum for hospital next day.
Cataract preparation: lens to measure.
Our family’s support we love and treasure.
On 28th broadcast for BBC.
81st birthday coming soon for me.
February 9th and full of birthday zest.
Stephanie and Moz took us to Travellers’ Rest.
A lovely meal: then happy games we played.
As birthdays go it reached the highest grade.
On 25th eye hospital once more:
Additional tests so they could be quite sure.
Fiona came to stay for Dr Who.
She went there with her friends from Oxford too.
On Mothers’ Day we had a lot of fun:
Stephanie and Moz bought many a hot cross bun,
Daughters gave lovely presents on the Day.
Our deepest thanks is all that we can say.
On March the 5th, Fiona took us out
A loving family that’s what life’s about.
Pat’s eye appointment next on March 16;
Then Moz and Stephanie were on the scene.
An Easter lunch with them: March 29.
Then games at their house which were really fine.
April the 4th, Fiona and her team:
Up to the lake where ducks swim down the stream.
We had our cakes and tea in the café
Games afterwards another happy day.
On April 12 to Gloucester off we went
Talked to Fiona’s Church Group time well spent.
April 15 to Gloucester for the day
This for a dental visit teeth OK.
Beefeater lunch with teeth all at full strength
Then to Fiona’s: playing games at length.
May the 14th Fiona’s birthday lunch.
As always, much delicious food to crunch.
May 25th washed car, then time to enter
The very well-stocked Gloucester Garden Centre.
Fourth day of June Tintagel destination
For the superb King Arthur Celebration.
Always so good to go met many a friend.
We hope that Fellowship will never end.
June the eleventh, birthday of the Queen
Upon our table cakes and tea were seen.
June the nineteenth that’s Father’s Day, that was
Had a delicious meal with Steph and Moz.
July the first a welcome friend then came
To visit us: and Jacky Lui his name.
With broken bone, Fiona came by train
Essential until she can drive again.
Nice lunch with Steph and Moz on 24.
Our family are so kind and much, much more.
Zac and Fiona came for a short stint;
Linked up with Moz and Steph went to the Mint.
Great range of coins displayed from most to least.
Harvester next – another lovely feast.
Went there again on July 27
With Chris and Dave good meals are sent from Heaven!
Dave came with us on July 28.
We fed the ducks and geese on Roath Park Lake.
September 7th Anniversary:
59 lovely years for Pat and me.
We tied the knot in 1957
My gorgeous little bride turns Earth to Heaven.
Fiona took us to Penarth this year
And bought us fish and chips on Penarth Pier.
Then Moz and Steph came round to share a cuppa
Augmented by delicious Chinese supper.
Then Katie and Fiona, 16th station,
Supporting Mum for cataract operation.
September 17th her op went well:
As we are happy and relieved to tell.
She’s scheduled for another later on,
But her first cataract is safely gone.
Iain came over too and stayed the night
Then back to Gloucester on their schedule tight.
September 26th, we went there too.
Fiona’s planning lovely things to do.
She took us south to stay on Isle of Wight
Where we saw many a fascinating sight.
That holiday was absolutely fine
Back home again September 29.
October has arrived so hip hooray:
Patricia’s birthday is its second day.
Cardiff Half-Marathon part of the plan
Our Iain and Fiona – they both ran.
One forty-eight for Iain which was great.
Fiona ran it in two fifty-eight.
If I had entered, you can safely bet
I’d still be plodding round the course as yet!
To Prinknash Stephanie took us for a treat.
With Iain and Fiona we did eat.
November two eye clinic time for me
Its cataracts again. How can this be?
Stephanie took us there, then for a treat
Out in Treforest lovely things to eat.
To Chepstow Castle next: girls climbed the towers
While I sat down and watched them both for hours.
November 6 to Gloucester lunch comes soon
Then happy games to play in afternoon.
November 8 in Cemetery Cathays
I led Memorial Service. We gave praise
To all the fearless heroes of both wars
Who gave their lives in this great noble cause.
November 27 also spent
Time there to help a Charity event.
Then if the ophthalmic schedule is intact
It’s now my turn to lose a cataract.
It’s scheduled for November 28.
Steph and Fiona take me in that’s great.
December 4th the service at Thornhill
I’m booked to take it if I can, I will.
December 21st my ICD:
The Cardiac Team do wondrous things for me!
To family and friends, we hold you dear
A Merry Christmas and a great New Year.




And Jane