Review of "Midnight in Butetown" by V.G. Wellington
Published by Vanguard Press, Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers Ltd. ISBN 978184386231 @ £15-99 2015

The author is a shrewd and sympathetic observer and interpreter of human character and especially human feelings.  Above all, he understands the vital use of detail in a novel such as Midnight in Butetown and he has the gift of making every significant detail converge to illustrate the bigger meanings of life and deeper human relationships.  His heroines, Felisa and Henna, are very realistic characters with tough, modern, adult lifestyles.  They have difficult choices to make, and different destinies to choose.  The author succeeds brilliantly in getting the reader inside their minds and inside their emotions.
By sharing the author’s understanding of modern life and contemporary attitudes, even the most sophisticated reader can learn a great deal about our current society.
Another very important factor contributing so positively to Midnight in Butetown is the author’s underlying courage and optimism.  No matter how many problems hit us along the way, we should never give up – and things will come right in the end.
An excellent story: very well worth reading.